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What Size Stable Is Best For My Horse?

Choosing the right size stable is really important - we offer standard 12x12ft stables and larger 14x12ft for bigger horses. But which do you need? Let us explain...

What Size Stable Is Best For My Horse?

This is a question we are regularly asked here at Colt Stables and the answer is… don’t skimp on size! Your horse must have ample room to be able to turnaround, roll and lie down without injuring himself or damaging the building. The British Horse Society recommends a minimum of 12’ x 12’ for ‘standard’ size horses and 14’ x 12’ for larger horses.

Each of our single 12’ x 12’ Mobile Stables or Fixed Stables includes as standard, 1 x 1219mm wide top and bottom stable door with anti-chew strips fitted to the top of the bottom door, 1 x Perspex opening window, 11mm OSB lining to 1.2m high and 1 x clear Onduline roof sheet for added light which creates a cosy, safe home for your horse.

Not only do we need to think about the size of the building when we are considering a Stable but size of Field Shelters are equally as important.

Likewise to Stables, we must provide enough room for our horse to move inside the Field Shelter and even more so if more than 1 horse uses the Field Shelter at any time.

If you have 2 horses sharing a Field Shelter we would recommend a minimum of 18’ x 12’ with 2 wide openings to the front to provide an entrance and exit. If more than 2 horses, either a 24’ x 12’ or even a generous 36’ x 12’ would be more suitable as there will be plenty of room for your horses to move around/lay down.

We as horse owners have a responsibility to ensure that our horses are relaxed, safe and comfortable in their Stable or Field Shelter therefore ensuring your horse has enough room to move around is a must both on the safety side as well as impacting on the overall well-being of your horse.

If you wish to discuss your requirements for a new Stable or Field Shelter for your horse, contact the Sales Team today on 01746 766110 or