Which are the best value mobile field shelters?

Discover the UK's best value mobile field shelters as we compare field shelters from nine of the UK's best known manufacturers.
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Are you looking for the cheapest mobile field shelters?

No one wants to spend more than they need to, but the cheapest mobile field shelters do not necessarily represent the best value for money. At Colt Stables we offer mobile field shelters that are built to last with all the important features you need at a sensible price.

If you’re thinking about buying a mobile field shelter and want to get the best value for money, we've done all the hard work for you by comparing prices and specs from nine of the UK's best known mobile field shelters manufacturers. Read-on to discover which manufacturer offers the best value mobile field shelters in the UK!

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Comparing mobile field shelters for horses

Not all mobile field shelters are made equal. When you're comparing mobile field shelters for horses there are a number of things to consider, like how well made are they, what sort of timber is used, how are they constructed and what features are included. Some of the cheapest mobile field shelters you can find are built with a pent roof (like a lean-to shed) which is inherently lower than a proper apex roof, providing much less headroom for your horse and less space for air circulation and light. Some of these will be built with less substantial framing, without kickboarding to protect the field shelter walls and sometimes do not include skids which not only allow you to move your field shelter but also raise the framing and walls off the wet ground.

So what should you look for when comparing mobile field shelters? Below are some key considerations and recommendations.


Mobile field shelters are constructed using timber framing which is clad externally and usually partially lined internally. Colt field shelters are constructed with specially treated FSC certified timber that has a low environmental impact and is designed to last. We use solid timber framing measuring 75mm x 50mm which is strong enough to withstand the rigours of equestrian life.

All external timber is pressure-treated to protect it from the weather and ensure that it lasts for years to come. The exterior is clad with 16mm (12mm finished) pressure-treated shiplap cladding.


Mobile field shelters are not two-dimensional, headroom is an important factor to take into account. Because they are less complicated to build, pent roof field shelters, which resemble lean-to shed roofs, are frequently found on less expensive field shelters. All Colt Stables, however, have apex roofs to offer plenty of headroom and additional space for light and ventilation.

We have various sizes available for our mobile field shelters from 12ft to 36ft.

Features & Options:

To prevent horses from kicking or rubbing against the walls, OSB kickboarding is installed inside our field shelters up to a height of 1.2 metres. You should make sure your field shelters have this installed.

It's easy to underestimate the value of having a canopy or extended overhang in front of your field shelters, but this covered space offers your horses much-needed shelter from heavy weather conditions and helps to keep prevailing wind driven rain from being blown into the shelter. The minimum canopy/overhang for field shelters should be 1.2 metres, which is what ours has. Some provide either no canopy at all or a very small canopy.

Our field shelters also include front guttering and a downpipe to avoid rainwater pooling in front of your field shelter; however, not all manufacturers include these as standard features.

Standard roofing options are generally quite similar between manufacturers with Onduline being the most common, which is affordable and designed to be effective with a good lifespan. Some manufacturers offer metal roofing but as horse owners, we're very conscious that most horses won't thank us for metal roofing in a hail storm! Like many, we offer black Onduline as standard but we also offer green, red or brown Onduline, complemented with clear roof sheets to allow extra light into the field shelters, as well as underboarding to the roofing to provide additional support to the Onduline.

Field shelters usually have open entrances for horses or livestock to come and go. However we do offer various alternatives for enclosing the shelters to keep your horses in, or out. These options include slip rails which are simple and effective, sturdy timber gates or metal gates for those wanting increased durability and security. This allows us to accommodate a wider range of tastes and practical challenges. Equally, we do offer double doors which can fully enclose the shelter as well as dividing internal walls/partitions. These options are more usual for those looking for a mobile building that can store hay or equipment.

Service, Delivery & Installation:

One question we're always asked is how long will it take. A new mobile field shelter is an exciting proposition and it's natural that people are impatient to get it installed as quickly as possible. The lead time offered by manufacturers varies quite widely and it also varies at different times of year. However, whilst we've been generous with the quoted times, it averaged between 6-8 weeks with some including a caveat that it might take up to four months. At Colt Stables we aim to deliver your new field shelter within two weeks.

Some manufacturers only offer installation to limited areas, so we excluded them from comparison. We offer nationwide installation as well as a DIY option.

So which are the best value mobile field shelters?

We believe that the UK's best value mobile field shelters should be well constructed to a high standard so that they can withstand whatever the weather and horses throw at them. They should be thoughtfully designed and practical, including all the most important features as standard. They should also offer a range of additional options that aren't absolutely necessary, but nonetheless desirable, providing customers with the choice according to their needs and budget. Service is also a consideration, such as how quickly can your new stables be delivered, how much is installation and is there a DIY option.

We based our comparison research on a double mobile field shelter, where you can see all the costs, specifications and options offered in the table below. Colt Stables stands out for including all the most important features as standard as well as offering a good range of low-cost options for those wanting something extra. 

Colt Stables also gives customers the choice between a fully installed mobile field shelter or a DIY kit for those that are keen to save even more money.

When taking everything into account, in our opinion Colt's mobile field shelters represent the best value, presenting an excellent option for customers who are looking for affordability, quality and value for money. Of course, this is just our opinion and hopefully our comparison table will help you to draw your own.

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the best value mobile field shelters in the uk

We based our price and specification comparison on a double mobile field shelter measuring 7.2m x 3.6m (24ft x 12ft) with an apex roof. The prices and specifications quoted were derived from published price lists and/or quotes provided by the manufacturers. These were correct at the time of writing but maybe subject to change.
Best value
colt stables
HuntervaleJon WilliamsFinerDS BuildingsPrimeredmireNational
Framing75 x 50 mm75 x 50 mm75 x 50 mm75 x 50 mm75 x 50 mm75 x 50 mm75 x 50 mm100 x 50 mm75 x 50 mm
type of Skids TimberTimberTimberTimberTimberMetalMetalMetalMetal
front guttering
Towing chain
clear roof sheets (2)£144£100£60£144£100
roof underboarding£720
coloured onduline£120
timber gates (2)£660£470£370
metal gates (2)£720£360£250£660£360
double doors£960
slip rails (2)£96
metal skids£468£630£410
dividing panels£384
Lead time1-2 weeks2-4 weeks1 week2-3 weeks6-8 weeks6-8 weeks-3-4 weeks-
£3,445buy now£4,500£4,038£4,560£4,040£5,680£6,915£4,494£3,940