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Are cheap stables good value?

Buying cheap stables is tempting if you’re on a budget. However, these are often lower quality and don’t last very long.

Are cheap stables good value?

The difference between cheap stables & good value stables

There are a number of cheap stables on the market, which on the face of it, look like a good buy. Someone who is on a budget might consider buying the most affordable equestrian timber building available with the intention of saving money. After all, what's the difference between stables?

However, in reality, by investing in the most cheapest stables you can find, you will buy a less robust building, which will often need more maintenance and will have to be replaced in a very few years. So over time, cheap stables will inevitably cost you more. Buy cheap, buy twice.

Not only will you have to replace the stables or field shelter, you may even need to do some groundworks or modify the existing foundations if you choose a different model next time. Additionally, think about the hassle of having to remove the structure and build a new one - where will the horses go? How long will you need to wait until you have a new stable block?

At Colt Stables, we believe in delivering affordable, durable, quality equestrian timber buildings. Our range is not the cheapest on the market, but our outbuildings are robust, functional, and built to last. We don’t cut any corners - we include everything you need and nothing you don’t. This makes our stables exceptional value.

Static stable block with two stable and tack room
  • Colt Stables are built from 75mm x 50mm framing with 16mm (12mm finished) pressure-treated shiplap cladding, so they are extra sturdy. They come as standard with an OSB protective kick-board lining inside the structure to protect the timber from kicks. We also install anti-chew strips on the doors to prevent damage to the timber.
  • We also include a 1.2m overhanging canopy to the front with guttering that keeps the elements at bay. The lightweight (yet strong) Onduline roofing sheets can be fitted with underboarding and clear roof sheets for extra cost.

Roof underboarding with clear roof sheets

You can customise your stable block to your animals’ needs and personalities in order to create the perfect equestrian timber building for your property. Choose between an American barn top door, a corner unit and a hay barn. Add a number of additional features, such as a tack room, a talk grille, vents and windows.

Do you need our stables to be cheaper? Opt for a DIY kit. You will receive all the materials to complete the project yourself at home. You will save 10% off the list price. While you may end up spending a little more than you would on a standard, cheaper stable block, you will have a much higher quality guarantee. Plus, you will receive a custom outbuilding that suits your needs perfectly.

If you are keen to save even more money and you don’t need permanent stables, why not opt for mobile ones? These are still sturdy, usually less costly than static ones if you factor in the cost of groundworks, and can be easily relocated around a field or paddock. Movable stables offer great flexibility and can be used for multiple purposes throughout the year. If you don’t need them anymore, you can even recoup some of the purchase price by selling them on to a neighbour or online.

Single mobile stable

If you're looking to find the best value equestrian buildings , we've compared our Colt stables & mobile field shelters to the most well known stable manufacturers around. Check out our pages for the best value stables & mobile field shelters to see what the best value option is.