Mobile Stables

Colt’s Mobile Stables are fast, flexible and affordable portable stabling solutions for horse and Stable yard owners.

Timber Mobile Stables

Colt’s Mobile Stables are fast, flexible and affordable portable stabling solutions for horse and stable yard owners. They are perfect for people who don’t own the land their horses are stabled on and any horse owner who varies their grazing as the Mobile Stable can be moved from paddock or field at a moment’s notice. For those who do own their land, they offer a fantastic solution for rotating field usage and can be erected at very short notice.

Built to the same specification as our static stables from sustainably sourced, pressure-treated timber, our Mobile Stables are made to last. The only difference being that our Mobile Stables are constructed on skids together with a tow chain, so that you can relocate the stables easily, just using a 4x4 or small tractor.

As our Mobile Stables require no groundworks to be built and used, they are deemed non-permanent structures and are therefore often exempt from planning permission. This saves you a lot of time, hassle and expense dealing with contractors and local authorities.

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Wooden Mobile Stable Specifications

Our Mobile Stables have everything you need, and nothing you don't; but they're still built to a high specification with 75mm x 50mm timber framing and 16mm (12mm finished) pressure-treated shiplap cladding. All mobile stables include OSB protective kick-board lining fitted as standard to the inside of the structure. Measured to 1.2m high, this lining provides extra strength and protection. Stable doors are capped with an anti-chew strip to prevent damage from gnawing or cribbing.

Smaller Mobile Stables are available with pressure treated timber skids. We recommend the cost effective upgrade to Colt 80mm x 80mm metal skids fitted to the base of the structure. Each Mobile Stable model is fitted with a towing point and heavy-duty tow chain provided as standard.

As standard our Mobile Stables include a front canopy/overhang. This canopy extends to 1200mm (4′) and provides extra shelter/shade for your animals, helping rain water drain away from the front Stable opening, finished with black, half round, front guttering and a downpipe fitted to the front of the structure.

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Mobile Stables
Framing75 x 50 mm
Framing75 x 50 mm
type of Skids Timber
Framing75 x 50 mm
Cladding thickness16 mm
features & options
Standard Features
Optional Features
American Barn Top Door
A fully opening top door to the rear of stables
Clear Roof Sheet
A clear roof sheet is added to each stable or 12ft length of field shelter.
OSB sheeting fitted to 1.2m to provide added protection to the structure
Onduline Roofing
Ridged, durable roofing. Black is provided as standard or upgrade to red, brown or green
Roof Underboarding
Roof is lined with OSB to provide extra rigidity
Talk Grille
Metal grilles are added between each stable
Three Part Pony Door
The bottom door is split into two sections to create a low height or standard height door
Louvered vents located in the gable ends of stables to provide ventilation
A clear Perspex opening window, lined on the inside with solid metal bars
Extended Anti-Chew Bib
Standard anti-chew bibs are 50mm, the extended bibs are 381mm deep to help protect stable doors.
1 Stable
2 Stables
3 Stables
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