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Other uses for mobile field shelters and stables

Mobile field shelters and stables don’t usually require planning permission and can be installed very quickly. Let’s see the different ways in which you can use them.

Other uses for mobile field shelters and stables

Multi-purpose Mobile Field Shelters & Stables

Mobile field shelters and stables are generally used as equestrian outbuildings to house horses, ponies, and donkeys. However, they are versatile mobile timber buildings, which can serve a variety of purposes, and (in over 90% of cases) don’t require planning permission to build and install. They are also usually more cost-effective than their fixed versions if you factor in the cost of groundworks.

For these reasons, they can be an excellent solution for someone with a spacious property, who might need an affordable, quick-to-install, movable timber building. If you ever need to repurpose a mobile stable or field shelter, you’ll have a variety of options to mix and match depending on the time of year.

In this article, we look at alternative ways in which you can use a mobile field shelter or stables, so you can maximise your investment.

Hay storage

It's important to keep hay dry to prevent it from rotting. If you don’t have a hay store in your barn or fixed stables, you could use a mobile field shelter or stables to store it in the winter. In the summer, simply move the movable outbuilding under a tree, so your animals can rest in the shade.

Potting shed

If you’re passionate about gardening, you can use a mobile field shelter or stables in the spring to store your pots. Leave your potting equipment in it, so you don’t have to fetch it every day. Once the plants and flowers are ready to be relocated, simply move the timber building where you need it next.

Mobile workshop

Turn your mobile shelter into a mobile workshop to make your DIY projects easier to manage. Imagine needing lots of tools and materials to fix or erect or replace a fence on your property. Carrying everything over to the site every day is time-consuming and takes a lot of effort. Tow your field shelter in that area and store all the tools and materials you need to complete the project in it. Once you’re done, you can move it elsewhere to fulfil a different purpose.

Vehicle and farm machinery shelter

If you own a tractor or farm machinery, you could use your mobile timber building to shelter them from the elements in the coldest months of the year.

Wood storage

If you have a beautiful traditional wood stove or fireplace in your house, you could use a mobile field shelter or stable to store, and even dry, wood. A mobile field shelter would allow more air into the structure, which will dry the wood faster and keep it mold-free. Mobile stables are ideal for pre-dried wood, which mainly needs weather protection. A mobile field shelter might seem like an expensive option for a wood storage, but it’s great to know you can repurpose your mobile outbuilding in a variety of ways throughout the year.

Livestock housing

Mobile stables are suited to house a variety of animals, not just horses. Think of llamas, sheep, and dogs. A mobile stable would help keep them dry and cool in different seasons.

Feed store

If you house livestock on your property, you may need extra space where to store the feed and keep it dry. A mobile timber building would make a great feed store.

Glamping accommodation

Don’t need it in the summer? Let the kids or grandkids use the outbuilding as camping or glamping accommodation. Choose a flat, dry spot on your property and tow the timber building over. Children can safely play in the shade throughout the day without getting sunburned, while teenagers can “move out” for the weekend and camp out with their friends.

Whatever the reason you’re looking to buy mobile stables or a field shelter, the ease of installation and versatility this type of building offers will make it a great investment for the future. You will be able to use a single outbuilding to fill multiple purposes.

Remember that mobile stables and field shelters don’t come with a floor.  So you should choose where to locate them carefully. In some cases, you might need to lay a tarp on the grass or mud in order to keep what you’re storing in it clean and dry. Mobile stables do come with doors, though, which might come in handy if you need to better protect the contents from the elements.

Finally, don’t forget you need to move your mobile field shelter or stable once every couple of months to comply with British legislation. The metal tow chain and skids they are equipped with make this a very easy and quick job.