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Mobile Field Shelters – Timber Or Metal Skids

Skids are an integral part of mobile field shelter, but do you need metal skids or will timber suffice?

Mobile Field Shelters – Timber Or Metal Skids

Skids are an integral part of mobile field shelters as they not only strengthen support for the whole structure but also reduce surface friction between the shelter itself and the ground below – allowing it to be moved more easily and removing risk of damage. If you are purchasing mobile field shelters from Colt Stables we offer you a choice of two different types of skids to include with it. Each skid type is functional and suitable for most uses and locations but there may be one model you prefer.

Timber Skids For Mobile Field Shelters

Timber Skids

The timber skids we use are made from the same material as our mobile field shelters main timber panels. This is pressure-treated, 150mm x 75mm (6” x 3”) timber that provides resistance against wood rot and insect attack and supported by 50mm x 50mm x 4mm metal steels, making the whole structure secure and durable for years to come. The timber skids option is extremely cost effective and all mobile field shelters from Colt come with timber skids fitted as standard.

One of the benefits of timber skids is that they are extremely light, adding little additional weight to the mobile field shelters. Due to this factor, a timber skid shelter is typically lighter to tow or drag and will cause less damage to the surrounding ground and field itself. However, if you are planning to move your mobile field shelter on a daily/weekly basis, we advise opting for a metal skid base as they are more durable and prepared for the constant stress of being relocated.

Metal Skids For Mobile Field Shelters

Metal Skids

The metal skid option available with all Colt mobile field shelters may be preferable for those who plan to move their structures on a regular basis. Our 80mm x 40mm (3 ¼” x 1 ½”) galvanised steel skids are extremely robust and durable, perfect for dragging the shelters regularly or over large distances or uneven ground. Metal skids also give our mobile field shelters a prestigious finish, making them a complete mobile solution for sheltering your animals.

However, with the added benefits there is also a cost and weight implication. Our metal skids are fitted for a small additional charge and can add a little extra weight to the shelter compared to our standard timber skids. However, moving the shelter with a tractor or 4×4 is still very easy and indeed metal skids can provide that little extra peace of mind needed if you live somewhere prone to extreme winds or weather. For many, the extra investment can be well worth it.

As with both our timber and metal skids, towing points are located at both ends of our mobile field shelters, giving you easy access and allowing relocation at a moments notice. Visit the mobile field shelters information page to find out more about the dimensions we offer.