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Buying Your First Stable

There are a number of things you might what to consider when buying your first stable. In this short article, we explain what we believe are some of the more important considerations.

Buying Your First Stable

How to choose a stable

There are a number of things you might what to consider when buying your first stable. In this short article we explain what we believe are some of the more important considerations.

Am I buying from a reputable vendor?

If you are buying your first stable you want to be sure that the company you buy from has experience in the stable manufacturing business. What are their credentials? How long have they been established and can they provide the appropriate level of support needed?

The timber used in the construction of a stable needs to be treated appropriately and there are a number of costs involved in doing that. If your stable supplier hasn’t put their timber through the necessary processes, you could end up with a stable that falls apart shortly after you purchase it.

Is the timber used pressure treated appropriately?

This really is a key question to ask each stable supplier. If the timber used isn’t treated with an appropriate preservative it will be left susceptible to wood rot and insect attack, and once either of those circumstances kicks in, it is a slippery slope to decay.

All external timber used in the manufacture of a stable must be treated with a preservative that ensures longevity. This is where the timber is placed in a high pressure vessel and a solution is applied that permeates its cells to provide a layer of protection. Once treated, the timber is highly durable and will last for years to come.

Do I need to apply for planning permission?

If you are planning to buy or build a stable, you will need to check whether you need to apply for planning permission. This can be done by contacting your local authority. Application processes vary in time depending on the time of year, nature of proposal and potential concerns.

A popular solution against applying for planning permission is to opt for a mobile stable instead of a static, standalone build. Mobile stables have metal or timber skids fitted to their base which allows them to be dragged around a field by 4×4 or tractor at a moment’s notice. And the best thing is, adding skids to the base of your stable changes little about its design and functionality.

While many people find mobile stables an effective route around the planning permission process, it is still advisable to check with your local planning authority before committing to anything.

Will I need to rotate my field?

If at some point you would want to rotate your field, you will probably want to consider opting for a mobile stable rather than a fixed one. Field rotation can be important for horses as it ensures they have enough space for exercise and healthy grass for feeding. With a mobile stable, you can easily move your structure between areas of an existing field or into a new field entirely. With a fixed stable, you must stick with what you’ve got.

How many animals am I housing?

Lastly, when choosing your stable, you will need to consider how many animals you are going to house and their relative sizes. You should offer at least one stable unit block per horse, and if you own a particularly large horse then you may want to consider a dual stable unit. With a fixed stable, you can build out your structure to be as large and house as many animals as you want. This is great if you want to create a certain stable block design or add additional features like hay stores or tack rooms onto your structure.

While a mobile stable offers you the benefit of mobility, it is slightly more restrictive in terms of size. At most, a single mobile stable block will be limited to three units before you will struggle to move it easily. If you are looking to house a number of animals and still want a mobile stable, we recommend splitting your stable block into two or three sections.

What can Colt offer me?

Colt Stables offers a range of fixed and mobile stables suited to every need – whether you are buying your first stable or looking for a new supplier.