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Beat The Weather With A Mobile Field Shelter

If you own a horse or pony, ensuring that they are happy in their living environment is one of your primary concerns

Beat The Weather With A Mobile Field Shelter

Keep your horse warm in winter & cool in summer

If you own a horse or pony, ensuring that they are happy in their living environment is one of your primary concerns. Providing them with somewhere comfortable to stay dry in the rainy months, and shade in the hotter months, is important for their general well being. That’s why when you invest in a field shelter, it’s important to consider flexibility. And what better way to provide that flexibility, than to make your animal’s shelter mobile.

Avoid Problems Caused By Excessive Rain

We all know that Britain doesn’t have particularly good weather. In fact, for much of the year you can expect rain of some degree. During some months, it can rain pretty much non-stop and this can cause some areas of your field to become water-logged as rain struggles to drain away. This can create boggy conditions that your animals don’t particular enjoy.

With the ground soaked like this, there is a risk of your animals getting stuck or slipping over and injuring themselves – cue a hefty veterinary bill! This is where a mobile field shelter or mobile stable can really benefit. If you feel like an area of your field is becoming uncomfortable, for them and you, you can simply chain the shelter to your tractor or 4×4 and drag it to a more stable site. Your animals will no longer have to wade in marshland to get in and out of their shelter and will be able to find healthier grass for grazing. It also reduces the risk of you having to rescue them from sticky situations!

Providing Comfort In The Summer

On the opposite side of the spectrum, when the weather is too hot, that in itself can create problems within the field. If you own a fixed field shelter, you are limited by the amount that you can shield your horses from the sun as it’s light changes throughout the day. Without a consistent place to shade, they can become restless and uncomfortable. Also, with hotter temperatures, you’ll find that the field dries out, especially after a period of heavy rain. This results in large patches of hard, uneven and sparse ground where previous grazing took place – not a particularly enjoyable living environment for your animals and increasing the risk of foot injuries.

However, with a mobile field shelter, you can easily avoid these unpleasant conditions by dragging your building to another area of the field where ground is less trampled and likely to be in much better condition. Your animals will much prefer softer and grass rich surroundings – and we’re sure you would much prefer a happier and more content horse or pony.

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