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Add A Tack Room To Your Stable

Adding a tack room to your stables is a great idea for storing all your horse equipment.

Add A Tack Room To Your Stable

If you prefer to keep your saddles, helmets and equipment close to your stable, without compromising on security, you may want to consider adding a tack room to your stable unit.

Our tack rooms are a convenient add-on that you can incorporate into your stable design for a small additional cost. Made from the same pressure-treated timber as your stable structure, they are the perfect storage option and will keep your equipment dry all year round, with plenty of room to organise. You can customise the inside of the unit yourself to decorate and put up racks and hooks.

Depending on how much space you need, we have two separate tack room dimensions to choose from. Our 1.8m x 3.6m (6 ft x 12 ft) tack room is perfect for 1-2 horse owners’ equipment. If you are planning on having more than 2 people use the room, or would prefer that little bit extra space, we suggest you opt for our 2.4m x 3.6m (8ft x 12ft) unit box.

The size of your tack room should reflect the size of your yard, and if you have a number of people storing equipment, you may want to opt for the larger unit to ensure you have plenty of floor space for boots, bandages and storage containers. A larger tack room can also be preferential if you plan to sit inside to clean tack during the colder, wetter months.

Both our tack room units are built to the same exacting standards as all our stable buildings and offer excellent ventilation which is important for keeping your equipment dry and avoiding mildew.

You can add a tack room to both our fixed and mobile stables models (without affecting the need to apply for planning permission on the latter). Each tack room comes fitted with a heavy duty stable door that's ledged and braced, fitted with a 200mm (8 inch) pad bolt – making them extremely secure and robust.