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Great news, Colt Stables offers nationwide delivery and installation. Our professional team regularly delivers and installs wooden stables, field shelters, mobile stables mobile field shelters in Westham in East Sussex

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We manufacture, deliver & build horse stables & field shelters in Westham in East Sussex

Colt Stables, a reputable provider in Westham, East Sussex, meticulously crafts, transports and constructs bespoke wooden stables and mobile field shelters. With unrivalled expertise, we effortlessly bring your equine dreams to life. Our skilled team meticulously source and handpick the finest timber, ensuring durability and longevity. Passionately committed to exceeding your expectations, our woodwork professionals delicately design, tailor and manufacture each structure to suit your specific requirements. With precision and efficiency, Colt Stables expertly delivers and installs these stunning equestrian buildings across Westham and beyond. Standing strong and reliable, our structures effortlessly blend into the picturesque landscapes of East Sussex, seamlessly harmonizing with the county's esteemed architectural heritage.

We offer a range of wooden equestrian buildings including horse stable blocks, mobile stables and mobile field shelters. Our wooden stables and field shelters are built to last and designed to offer excellent value for money.