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Great news, Colt Stables offers nationwide delivery and installation. Our professional team regularly delivers and installs wooden stables, field shelters, mobile stables mobile field shelters in St Ives in Cambridgeshire

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We manufacture, deliver & build horse stables & field shelters in St Ives in Cambridgeshire

Colt Stables, renowned for their mastery in crafting bespoke wooden stables and mobile field shelters, brings their expertise to St Ives. Situated in the enchanting county of Cornwall, St Ives lies nestled on the peninsula's rugged north coast, boasting stunning sandy beaches and turquoise waters. With unwavering commitment, Colt Stables diligently constructs, delivers, and expertly installs these majestic structures, providing comfort and safety for horses in this captivating county. Tailoring their designs to meet every client's needs, Colt Stables' skilled artisans demonstrate remarkable craftsmanship while utilizing the finest timber available. From conception to completion, they ensure equestrian excellence in St Ives and beyond.

We offer a range of wooden equestrian buildings including horse stable blocks, mobile stables and mobile field shelters. Our wooden stables and field shelters are built to last and designed to offer excellent value for money.